MAG Developers, a division of the prestigious MAG Group since 1978, is a top player in real estate. Established in 2003, it has constructed 2,500+ apartments, showcasing its commitment to excellence. With a strong presence in Dubai and diverse property options in Abu Dhabi, MAG Developers strives to elevate living standards through innovation.
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19781978Year of Foundation
769.000 AED769.000 AEDPrice from
28+28+Number of projects

MAG Property Development is a company specializing in real estate development and construction in the United Arab Emirates. It is a key player in the construction industry in the region, undertaking diverse projects including residential complexes, commercial real estate, and infrastructure. MAG Property Development aims to offer innovative and high-quality real estate solutions, catering to the needs and expectations of its clients. The company actively contributes to the creation of modern and functional public spaces, with projects ranging from luxury residential complexes to more affordable options.

Let us tell you about some of our impressive properties, where every detail embodies the philosophy of quality and style.

MAG 330

Welcome to MAG 330 – a unique space where contemporary style meets coziness. This project is perfect for those who value comfort and innovation. Start your morning with the sunrise outside your window, enjoying a city view. With a minimum price of just 769,800 AED, MAG 330 provides an excellent opportunity to invest in the future and create your cozy corner in the epicenter of development.


Discover the charm of living in MARRIOTT RESIDENCES, where modern design meets outstanding service. This project offers a unique opportunity to own luxurious property that benefits both as an investment and for personal living. With MAG Property Development, every moment becomes special.

MAG 22

MAG 22 is not just a home; it's an exceptional space where sophistication meets modern lifestyle. With an average price of 5,279,800 AED, this project is accessible and promising for those seeking a stylish and convenient way of life. Invest in the future with MAG 22.


KETURAH APARTMENTS are a symbol of elegance and luxury. Located in a promising area, this project promises high living standards and a stunning appearance. Ideal for those who appreciate refined style and modern amenities.


Introducing KETURAH TOWNHOUSE – a place where comfort meets sophistication. With a minimum price of 13,661,000 AED, this project provides an opportunity to own luxurious housing in the heart of innovative development. Invest in your future with KETURAH TOWNHOUSE.


Immerse yourself in a world of harmony and splendor with KETURAH RESORT RITZ CARLTON RESIDENCES. This project offers a unique combination of top-notch services and refined design. An ideal place for those who appreciate exclusivity and outstanding service.

In each of these MAG Property Development properties, the prospects of the area, investment opportunities, and conditions for comfortable living or successful business are embodied. Invest in the future with confidence, knowing that your choice is not just real estate but a lifestyle from MAG Property Development.

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