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About ULO Real Estate Agency

Experience and a commitment to high quality standardsULO is a reputable and reliable real estate broker in Dubai that specializes in assisting investors with their real estate purchases. With a wide range of services and expertise, ULO agency offers market analysis, due diligence, negotiation, legal and financial assistance, property management, and after-sales support.We strive to provide a seamless and successful investment experience for our clients, ensuring that all aspects of buying luxury real estate in Dubai are handled professionally and efficiently. With our extensive knowledge of the real estate market, we became a trusted partner for investors seeking to purchase property in the UAE.
1010 yearsOf Experience in Real Estate
3030 contractsWith Property Developers
200200 + propertiesSold in 2023

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Benefits of Working with Us

ULO agency acts as a trusted partner for investors looking to purchase real estate in the UAE, providing comprehensive services and expertise to ensure a smooth and successful investment experience. There are several benefits of working with us to buy real estate in Dubai:
ProfessionalismULO agency is a team of professional real estate agents who have expertise in various areas of residential and commercial properties.
Personal approachOur specialists provide customized solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of each client when buying UAE off-plan properties.
High-end serviceULO offers a wide range of services that you may need while purchasing real estate in Dubai, eliminating the need to hire different individuals for different tasks.
TrendyWe always stay updated with the latest news and trends in the industry. This ensures that every client maximizes his real estate investment in Dubai.
Flexible payment plansWe accept different types of payments, including cryptocurrencies.
Help with a residencyWe can provide assistance with obtaining a residency permit in Dubai after the transaction is completed.

How Does ULO Help with the Purchase of Real Estate in the UAE?

ULO is a real estate company in the UAE that provides a range of services including:
Plenty of choiceULO agency has access to a wide range of properties in the UAE and can help investors find the right property based on their preferences and investment goals.
Detailed informationWe can provide investors with detailed market analysis and insights, helping them make informed decisions about which areas and types of properties to invest in.
Profitable offersOur agents can negotiate on behalf of investors, helping them secure the best possible deal on their property purchase.
Transaction securityULO agency works with experienced lawyers and financial advisors who can provide assistance and support throughout the buying process.
Helpful servicesWe offer property management services, taking care of tasks such as tenant screening, rent collection, maintenance, and repairs.
Full time assistanceULO agency ensures comprehensive ongoing support to investors even after the purchase is complete. Our specialists can assist with any matter, including the resale of the property if desired.


In 2023, ULO specialists assisted more than 300 clients in purchasing apartments and villas in the UAE. Read the reviews left by our satisfied clients, which will help you once again be convinced of our professionalism.
Customer Mary Miller
Mary MillerULO client
“In October, I purchased a flat with ULO and I was pleased with their prompt assistance in finding me an option within my budget. It was my first time buying property abroad, and I had a pleasant experience with ULO. They provided me with comprehensive advice on properties in different areas, and when I expressed interest in inspecting some options in person, ULO organized a trip for me. Communication with their specialists was comfortable as they guided me through all the stages, shared photos and videos, and provided me with plans of the properties. Overall, my experience with ULO was positive, and I would confidently recommend them.”
Customer Howard Gray
Howard GrayULO client
“I had been searching for a real estate company in Dubai for a long time as I wanted to reduce my involvement in the contractual matters with agents. Usually, the responsibility was transferred to several agents, which required me to make personal arrangements. However, with ULO, we quickly found a suitable flat, and the work was completed swiftly. I would like to highlight that the managers at ULO were very professional and experienced, and I did not notice any attempts to embellish the available options. They were transparent in their communication, and quickly resolved any issues with fund transfers. Thank you ULO for exceeding my expectations!”
Customer Mark Riley
Mark RileyULO client
“I collaborated with ULO to purchase some properties, which I later sold at a profitable price. However, due to the high demand, I had to make swift decisions. I must commend ULO for their prompt response to any queries that arose and their unwavering assistance throughout the transaction. Despite not being able to physically visit Dubai, ULO executed the entire process efficiently and expeditiously online. Based on my experience, I highly recommend ULO as a trustworthy partner for anyone considering buying property in Dubai.”
Customer Edward Blair
Edward BlairULO client
“I was in search of a flat to invest in, and the commercial aspect of the deal held significant importance for me. Among the options suggested by my colleagues, the ULO agency stood out to me. The competence of their managers caught my attention right away. They explained everything clearly and concisely. Selecting the most profitable property took some time, but this was the only difficulty. I was pleased that the property was taken care of remotely. My trust in the agency was justified, as the income is already rolling in and I am satisfied with the profits. I highly recommend ULO!”
Customer Carolyn Lambert
Carolyn LambertULO client
“After selling my flats in Moscow, I made the decision to invest in property in Dubai. Following a recommendation from an acquaintance, I reached out to ULO and was promptly provided with all the necessary information about the purchase process. With the help of the ULO team, I was able to visit several properties in Dubai and I am grateful for their assistance in navigating the process of purchasing property in a foreign country. Meeting with the team in person only further cemented my confidence in their expertise and professionalism. I would like to extend my thanks to ULO for their help in facilitating the purchase, their efficient processing of the paperwork, and for making the entire experience a positive one.”

Frequently asked questions

Can foreigners buy real estate in the UAE?
Yes, foreigners can buy property in the UAE. In 2006, non-citizens of the United Arab Emirates received the right to purchase and rent real estate. However, there are certain restrictions and regulations that they need to comply with, such as purchasing property only in designated areas called freehold zones. ULO specialists will help you find a suitable property that fully meets your wishes.
Is UAE real estate a good investment?
UAE real estate has been considered a good investment in the past due to its strong economy, stable political environment, and attractive rental yields. However, like any investment, it is subject to market fluctuations and individual circumstances. By turning to our specialists, you will minimize risks and get maximum income from your investments.
Is 2024 a good time to buy property in Dubai?
Over the past few years, the Dubai real estate market has shown steady growth. Determining whether 2024 is a good time to buy property in Dubai depends on your personal financial goals. We advise you to conduct thorough research and seek professional advice before making any investment decisions to get the best deal.
Can I live in Dubai if I buy property?
If you buy property in Dubai, you can obtain a residency visa which allows you to live in the city. However, there are certain criteria and requirements that need to be fulfilled, such as meeting the minimum property value threshold set by the government. ULO specialists will not only help you in choosing suitable housing for you that fully meets your criteria but will also provide comprehensive assistance in preparing all the necessary documents.

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Why Should You Invest in Properties in the UAE?

There are several good reasons to invest in Dubai international real estate:
  • 1) Strong economy: The UAE has a robust and diversified economy, driven by sectors such as oil and gas, tourism, finance, and real estate. This stability provides a favorable environment for property investment.
  • 2) High rental yields: The rental market in the UAE, particularly in cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, offers attractive rental yields. This means that investors can earn a significant return on their investment through rental income.
  • 3) Tax benefits: The UAE has no personal income tax or capital gains tax, making it an attractive destination for property investment. This allows investors to retain a larger portion of their rental income and potential profits from Dubai real estate for sale.
  • 4) Growing tourism industry: The UAE is a popular tourist destination, attracting millions of visitors each year. This high demand for accommodation creates opportunities for property investors.
  • 5) Infrastructure development: The UAE is known for its impressive infrastructure projects, including world-class airports, transportation networks, and entertainment facilities. These developments highly enhance the value of properties.
  • 6) Government initiatives: The UAE government has implemented various initiatives to attract foreign investment in the real estate sector. These include offering long-term visas for property owners and implementing investor-friendly regulations.
  • 7) Lifestyle and amenities: Communities in Dubai offer a high standard of living with modern amenities, luxury developments, and a cosmopolitan lifestyle. Real estate investment in the UAE allows you to enjoy these benefits while potentially earning a return on your investment.
If you are going to invest in real estate in the UAE, you need to take the choice of a property very seriously. You should carefully study the Dubai real estate market, select a reliable developer, check all the terms and conditions, and agree on a price. ULO is a real estate company in Dubai with 10 years of experience in the market. You can contact our agents for professional assistance and advice at any stage of choosing and purchasing property in the UAE.
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