Arada Developer, established in December 2016, is a rising star in the Middle Eastern real estate sector, focusing on residential communities in Sharjah and expanding into Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and global markets. With a diverse portfolio including lofts, apartments, villas, and townhouses, along with leisure and hospitality properties, Arada Developer aims to redefine urban living experiences.
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ARADA is a construction company actively engaged in the development and construction of real estate, particularly in the emirates of Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah. ARADA is renowned for its involvement in creating innovative residential and commercial projects. One of ARADA's most notable projects is Aljada, a large mixed-use urban space in Sharjah, encompassing residential areas, commercial zones, and extensive public spaces. ARADA aims to create modern and sustainable communities, providing residents and businesses with innovative and comfortable conditions.

Immerse yourself in this unique portfolio, where each property is a step towards a new chapter in your story.


Inspiring MASAAR is not just real estate; it's a lifestyle. The modern residential complexes in this project offer a unique blend of comfort and contemporary design. Every element here is crafted with your well-being in mind. The average price for a MASAAR property is only 1,821,000 AED, making it accessible to a wide range of investors and future residents.

The promising MASAAR district pledges to be a hub of activity and opportunities. The surrounding infrastructure provides convenience for daily living, creating the perfect environment for a modern lifestyle. Interested in investments? MASAAR offers a unique opportunity to invest in a promising direction, promising impressive capital growth in the future.


NASAQ – your step towards successful investments. This property offers access to modern apartments at an attractive cost. It's an excellent opportunity to enter the real estate market with minimal investments.


NESBA offers more than just real estate; it's a lifestyle where comfort meets modern design. The NESBA area promises to be an oasis of comfort and coziness, an ideal place for investment and living. The surrounding infrastructure is designed for your convenience, and the prospects of value growth make NESBA an attractive investment.


ROVE 2 is not just a home; it's a success story. These modern apartments offer excellent investment opportunities for the future. The ROVE 2 area foretells becoming a center of dynamic activity and development. Here, you'll find everything you need for comfortable living and successful business operations. ROVE 2 is not just housing; it's an investment in your future.


ROVEis a fusion of modern style and functionality. The starting price for a ROVE property is attractive — 1,078,000 AED, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate a combination of quality and affordability.

The ROVE area promises to be a perfect place to live, where infrastructure blends with nature. Here, you'll find everything you need for comfortable living and business convenience. ROVE is your key point to the future.


THE GATE is not just real estate; it's the gateway to opportunities. The area of THE GATE promises to be a center of cultural and commercial activity. Here, you'll find everything for a successful business and comfortable living. THE GATE is your path to new horizons.


TIRAZ is not just housing; it's the art of a modern lifestyle. The TIRAZ area promises to be an oasis of tranquility in the hustle and bustle of city life.


SOKOON is the perfect blend of tranquility and modernity. The SOKOON area provides unique opportunities for investment and comfortable living. Here, you'll enjoy peace and tranquility without sacrificing modern conveniences. SOKOON is your path to harmony.


JOURI HILLS is not just real estate; it's the pinnacle of luxury and status. The highest price in the project, 32,418,000 AED, reflects the outstanding style and level of comfort this property offers.

The JOURI HILLS area promises to be the epicenter of elite living and opportunities. Here, you'll find everything for a prestigious lifestyle and successful business. JOURI HILLS is not just a home; it's the highest standard of living.

These properties offer diverse opportunities for investment and living in an area with developed infrastructure. Whether it's a starting point for investors or a place where dreams of comfortable living come true, each property represents a unique opportunity for your future.

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