Binghatti Developers, founded in 2008, swiftly became a significant player in Dubai's real estate market, known for its innovative and environmentally sustainable luxury property projects. Their dedication to quality, luxury, and innovation has earned them recognition and respect, solidifying their reputation as a trusted name in creating exclusive properties in Dubai.
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20082008Year of Foundation
570.000 AED570.000 AEDPrice from
40+40+Number of projects

Binghatti Developers in the United Arab Emirates is a company specializing in real estate development and construction across various regions in the Emirates. They undertake projects in both residential and commercial real estate segments. Binghatti Developers are renowned for their contributions to creating modern and innovative structures, including high-rise residential buildings and commercial complexes. The company aims to provide customers with high-quality properties featuring unique designs and modern amenities.

Let us tell you why investing in real estate from Binghatti Developers is a step towards a future of luxurious living and successful business projects.

BINGHATTI TRILLIONAIRE: Exceptional Aesthetics in Every Detail

BINGHATTI TRILLIONAIRE embodies a spectacular life with a unique design and attention to detail. This residential complex offers not only cozy homes but also impressive views of the surrounding landscape. Invest in the comfort and luxury of living in BINGHATTI TRILLIONAIRE.

BURJ JACOB & CO RESIDENCE: Exclusive Living in the Heart of the City

BURJ JACOB & CO RESIDENCE symbolizes status and wealth in the city center. Modern design and top-notch amenities create a unique atmosphere. Here, you'll find not just a home but a space where every detail reflects the highest quality standards.

ONYX: Refreshing Energy of Life in the Heart of the City

ONYX is modern living that combines elegance and comfort. With a unique design and a variety of amenities, these apartments offer the opportunity to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a picturesque area, the true heart of the city.

BUGATTI RESIDENCE: Exclusive Elegance in Every Line

BUGATTI RESIDENCE embodies refinement in every line and form. In this residential complex, space becomes exceptional, and style becomes distinctive. Investing in BUGATTI RESIDENCE means choosing elite living at the pinnacle of luxury.

AMBER: Harmony of Space and Nature

AMBERoffers a unique blend of modern design and natural harmony. With vibrant interiors and attention to detail, this place is designed to create comfort and warmth. Invest in AMBER and enjoy tranquility amid nature.

LAVENDER: Superiority of Simplicity and Sophistication

LAVENDER is a beautiful blend of simplicity and elegance. Attention is given to every detail here to create a unique living space. With LAVENDER real estate, you invest in comfort and functionality.

Investment Perspective:

Each of these residential complexes offers potential for investment in a growing and promising direction. The area has favorable infrastructure and promises stable growth in property prices, making it attractive for investors.


The area provides amenities for a comfortable and stylish lifestyle. Proximity to various services, parks, and entertainment venues makes it an ideal place for permanent residence.


For entrepreneurs and businessmen, this is a promising location for conducting business, thanks to a favorable business environment and accessibility to key facilities.


LAVENDER, with a minimum cost of 581,226 AED, provides access to quality housing. ONYX, in the mid-price range of 1,959,800 AED, ensures a balance between style and affordability. BUGATTI RESIDENCE, with a maximum cost of 19,250,000 AED, offers ultra-prestigious design and superiority in every detail.

By investing in real estate from Binghatti Developers, you're choosing not just a home but a lifestyle that combines modernity, comfort, and the potential for successful investments.

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