Samana Developers is a part of the esteemed Samana Group of Companies headquartered in Dubai. Renowned for their commitment to excellence, Samana Developers is dedicated to providing top-quality products at competitive prices, guaranteeing optimal returns for investors.
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Samana Developers holds an esteemed position among the fastest-growing private developers in the UAE. The company's core philosophy revolves around delivering exceptional products that meet high standards at affordable prices. Committed to maximizing returns for investors, Samana Developers creates real estate that blends comfort, style, and innovation. It is a key part of the influential business conglomerate, the Samana Group, headquartered in Dubai and globally impactful. This ambitious conglomerate comprises over 10 globally recognized companies, each distinguished by outstanding quality standards and professionalism.

Let's explore how Samana Developers doesn't just create real estate but unique abodes where every moment is lived in the rhythm of refinement.

SKYROS: Summit of Luxury in the Heart of the UAE

Welcome to SKYROS, the gem in Samana Developers' real estate portfolio! Amidst exquisite architectural solutions, SKYROS offers a unique blend of style and comfort. Starting at just 641,000 AED, SKYROS provides a unique opportunity to own property in the UAE, redefining wealth standards. The remarkable property appreciation in this area makes SKYROS an attractive choice for investors.

IVY GARDENS: Perfect Fusion of Comfort and Luxury

IVY GARDENS is more than just a residential complex; it's a lifestyle. Among refined design and quality construction, every detail exudes an atmosphere of wealth. Starting from 958,248 AED, IVY GARDENS offers the chance to own a secluded garden. IVY GARDENS is an excellent choice for those seeking stable investments. Its moderate price and high demand make it appealing to investors who value quality living surrounded by greenery and modern amenities.

WAVES II: Sea of Comfort and Modernity

WAVES II is where waves of luxury blend with contemporary style. Starting at 641,000 AED, these apartments embody refinement and comfort. The WAVES II area provides extensive opportunities for a modern lifestyle. Modern amenities, developed infrastructure, and proximity to entertainment centers make it ideal for contemporary families.

MYKONOS SIGNATURE: Exclusivity and Refinement

MYKONOS SIGNATURE is the signature of luxury and exclusivity. Starting from 773 379 AED, it's where every moment is lived in the rhythm of refinement. Every design element is infused with sophistication, creating a unique living space.

GOLF VIEWS: Green Oasis Amid Urban Hustle

GOLF VIEWS is not just a home; it's a unique blend of greenery and luxury in the city center. Starting from 727K AED, these apartments offer the opportunity to enjoy green lawns in the heart of the urban landscape. Its favorable location and high demand make it a promising investment.

CALIFORNIA: Perfection of Comfort

CALIFORNIA sets the highest standard for modern lifestyle. Starting at 1,770,000 AED, it's where style, comfort, and innovation come together in perfect balance. CALIFORNIA is for those aspiring to an outstanding lifestyle. Spacious apartments, unique design elements, and top-class infrastructure create ideal conditions.


With real estate from Samana Developers, each of these projects becomes not just a place to live or invest but a unique experience. From the affordable SKYROS to the luxurious CALIFORNIA, Samana Developers continues to build the future of the UAE, where comfort and innovation go hand in hand. Regardless of your needs and ambitions, here you'll find your home in the heart of the emirate.

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