Sobha Realty, established in 1976, has evolved into an international luxury developer dedicated to crafting sustainable communities. With investments across the UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Brunei, and India, Sobha Realty has redefined the real estate value chain, emphasizing conceptualization, design, and development for over four decades.
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19761976Year of Foundation
1.470.068 AED1.470.068 AEDPrice from
400+400+Number of projects

SOBHA Limited is a prominent international construction company actively involved in the development and construction of various real estate projects in India and other countries, including the United Arab Emirates. In the UAE, SOBHA is renowned for its contributions to creating luxurious residential complexes, commercial properties, and infrastructure projects. They are also known for their commitment to high-quality construction and attention to detail.

Specializing in crafting spaces that blend modern trends with meticulous attention to detail, SOBHA Limited doesn't just build homes; they create an atmosphere where every moment becomes part of a unique experience. Their portfolio offers a variety of options, from secluded residences to seaside views and villas surrounded by nature.

VERDE: Nature's Charm in Every Detail

Residences at VERDE by SOBHA Limited invite you into a world where luxury meets nature. This distinctive complex offers comfort and luxury in every element of its design, from exquisite interiors to enchanting views of nature. VERDE is an oasis of comfort.

SOBHA ONE: Perfection in Every Line

SOBHA ONE is where contemporary style meets elegance. This project provides unique spaces, ensuring the highest level of comfort and luxury. Living at SOBHA ONE is an opportunity to enjoy impeccable design and amenities.

HARTLAND II: Elite Luxury in Every Detail

HARTLAND II by SOBHA Limited is the embodiment of luxury and style. This project offers elite residences where every detail reflects sophistication. Magnificent views and outstanding amenities make HARTLAND II the perfect choice for those who appreciate exclusivity.

Price: Starting from 22,784,760 AED


RIVERSIDE CRESCENT is a unique space where coziness meets nature. Located by the river, this complex offers unparalleled views and excellent amenities. An ideal place for those seeking harmony with the surrounding nature.

Price: Starting from 1,470,068 AED

SEAHAVEN: Life with a Sea View

SEAHAVEN is a seaside residence offering luxury with endless water views. Among outstanding amenities and exquisite interiors, SEAHAVEN promises a unique seaside living experience.

Price: Starting from 4,424,400 AED

RESERVE VILLAS: Elegance and Comfort in Every Villa

RESERVE VILLAS is a collection of luxurious villas offering spacious interiors and stunning gardens. This project is designed for those who value seclusion and refinement.

RIVERSIDE CRESCENT 320: Modern Living by the River

RIVERSIDE CRESCENT 320 is modern living surrounded by nature. Stunning views and innovative design make this place ideal for those seeking modern comfort.

RIVERSIDE CRESCENT 330: Aspiring Luxury by the River

RIVERSIDE CRESCENT 330 is an extension of luxury by the river with additional amenities and unique design. This project aims to satisfy the highest comfort standards.


Each of the listed projects not only represents a home but also an opportunity to invest in the future. Growing infrastructure, promising locations, and high demand for real estate make these properties from SOBHA Limited attractive to investors.


With comfortable infrastructure around, these properties are ideal for those seeking a home in a favorable environment. Natural beauty, modern amenities, and a high standard of living make them appealing for permanent residency.


For those looking for a business location, these properties are strategically located, providing easy access to business centers and infrastructure supporting entrepreneurial activities.

Choose your ideal home or investment from these magnificent properties by SOBHA Limited and immerse yourself in a world of luxury and possibilities.

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