The Heart of Europe

The Heart of Europe is an archipelago of 6 themed islands: St. Petersburg, Sweden, Switzerland, The Floating Venice, Germany and Main Europe. Each island provides a unique cultural experience and the opportunity to enjoy a luxury vacation. The islands include luxury hotels, resorts, villas and shopping plazas, offering a car-free environment for those who appreciate peace and purity. Each of the 6 themed islands has unique architecture and design, offering a variety of options from snow resorts to underwater villas. When the archipelago is complete, all islands will be connected by bridges. With a variety of restaurants, stores and entertainment on each island, The Heart of Europe provides a unique vacation experience for different tastes and preferences. Resorts such as the Cote d'Azur Resort and white sandy beaches provide a variety of activities and entertainment. Real estate in The Heart of Europe offers luxury villas and apartments with contemporary design, ideal for families and investors, and provides a tranquil lifestyle in an eco-friendly community.
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